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Aunt  Pittypat from Gone with the Wind

Aunt Pittypat's Parlor restaurant was opened in Oklahoma City in 1978 where they served outstanding southern themed cuisine with a Gone with the Wind motif in a Victorian house in Mid Town OKC until the early 80's. As times evolved & the demand for off premise catering grew, they turned their focus solely to catering from 1983-1986. 

In 1986 Bob & Liz Howell partnered with then Aunt Pittypat's chef Curtis Hart and purchased the catering business garnering a new era of growth & creativity. Over 18 years of trend setting events & unmatched services, Aunt Pittypat's established itself as the premier catering company in Oklahoma.   

By 2004, Bob was ready to move on to more relaxing activities, opening the door for his daughter Maggie Howell and Chef Christine Dowd to purchase and carry on the family business. Needless to say, they have continued the trend of excellence and pushed the business to new heights in culinary quality, service & design.

The History of Aunt Pittypat's in Oklahoma City