1515 N. Portland Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

Office Hours: Tues-Fri 8am-4pm (Events Mon-Sat, Sundays with Minimum)

Food & Beverage Minimum for all orders - Please see Pricing & Policies Page for Details


For all orders , we require a $500 Food & Beverage Minimum.

**For any event, drop off or serviced, you will have additional costs for service or delivery and any other amenities needed for your event.

Box Lunch Orders under the $500.00 Minimum - Orders for Box Lunches  for pick up will have a minimum of 50 for Breakfast & 25 for Lunch. These can be picked up during regular business hours at 1515 N Portland Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73107. Please call one of our experience Sales Staff at 405.942.4000 to place an order or to ask any questions.

We typically do not work on Sundays or Major Holidays, however, we will be happy to handle your event with a $5,000.00 food & beverage minimum. If you would like to hold an event on a day that falls under this category, please contact one of our experienced Sales Staff at 405.942.4000. 

Initial Proposal

​Since your event is special and individually created to match your personality and style, our initial bid is an estimate only. If you are interested in moving forward, we would be happy to schedule a visit and fine tune your proposal. We will do our best, through discussions with you, to create the most accurate proposal based on your event and requests. However, after that initial proposal, there may be adjustments that have to be made to make your event reflect everything that you have visioned.


​Because we want to make your event reflect everything you would want, not all pricing is created equal. Depending on what you exactly have in mind, pricing for menus can vary. We will always do our best to create a menu that reflects you and fits as closely into your budget as possible.

Some different factors that can effect your pricing:

  • Type of Event
  • ​Guest count
  • ​Length of Event
  • ​Level of Service Required
  • Type or Variety of Food Desired
  • Time of Year or Holidays

Call 405.942.4000 to speak to one of our experienced sales staff to get your proposal or order started today!

Payment Terms: Cash or Check on Delivery, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A 2.5% FEE ON CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. If your event is more than a week out, a contract will be drawn up and deposits will be required. Full payment is required 24 hours prior to the delivery or event or prior arrangement made.
Administrative Fees: There will be a 5% Administrative Fee added to any total at or above $1,000.00.
Deposits: Deposits can be made in the form or cash or check in the amount of 50% of your proposed total, or a credit card that will potentially pay the full amount can be given for security. All balances are due 24 hours prior to the event. 
Late Fees: If arrangements have been made for a PO or other financial needs, any payments not  received by 30 days past your delivery or event will result in a 2% Late Fee added to your total bill. All other payments are due 24 hours prior to the event or on delivery.
Minimum Order: Please see descriptions above for what your minimum order might be.
Delivery: Delivery charges are based on location. Our starting delivery fees are $30 for one way & $60 for delivery with pick-up, your sales person will discuss what you will need for your order and based on your location. 
Advanced Notice: All orders are subject to availability. 48 business hours are required for all orders. We are always happy to try and accommodate orders after this time based on availability. Extra Charges will apply - $1.00pp for boxed meals, $2.00pp for buffet meals.
Cancellations: Any cancellations past the 24 hour mark will be subject to the full charged amount. Cancellations prior to this point will be charged fees based on what has been ordered & prepped. 
Dietary Requests: Aunt Pittypat's Catering will always seek to meet individual dietary needs upon request. If prior notice has not been given of specific dietary needs, we cannot guarantee that we have options available.

Tastings: Tastings are on a case by case basis. We do not schedule tastings for basic foods (ie. fruits, veggie, cheese, etc.) as these are all things that are very common to most. We will be happy to offer a tasting on items that are more unusual, or if you have a specific concern about an item or meal. We are always happy to offer a list of references if you would like to check with others to our quality of food & service. And we of course have a wonderful Gallery here on our website as well as our Facebook page for visual opportunities.

Military and Non-profit Discounts:  We currently do not offer discounts for Military or Non-profit clients. However, we will do our best to work with budgets that you may have in place.

Pricing & Proposals

  • Amenities that you might need (ie. acrylics vs. china, linens, rentals, etc.)
  • Bar Services (ie. You purchase the alcohol vs. We provide the alcohol)
  • Tax Exempt Status
  • Travel Requirements (ie. outside of the Oklahoma City area)

Policies & Deadlines